Spoke alongside Carphone Warehouse Co-founder!

 I was lucky enough to be asked by Young Enterprise to speak alongside Guy Johnson the co-founder of Carphone Warehouse. His speech was fantastic telling us all about how he started Carphone Warehouse and how he grew it into such a huge international organisation. After each of our speeches the school got the students to do an activity. My activity was to get all the students into teams … Continue reading Spoke alongside Carphone Warehouse Co-founder!

Celebrating Wimbledon in style!

This week my gingerbread people are celebrating Wimbledon, finding out some amazing facts about the event and seeing some familiar faces! Playing tennis in centre court! Did you know? 335 Umpires, Chair and Linesmen are on duty during  ‘The Championships’,  including 70 from overseas. Enjoying some Wimbledon strawberries! Did you know 142,000 portions of English strawberries are eaten over the 13 days! Being interviewed by Sue … Continue reading Celebrating Wimbledon in style!

I helped young people learn about business at Collyers college.

Had a really great, fun and informative day at Collyers college helping young people learn about business. We all got given a team of students and they had to complete a range of challenges including a Lego building challenge to simulate the principles of manufacturing, a mock up of a meeting to show how they work and a balloon modelling challenge to make a sculpture out … Continue reading I helped young people learn about business at Collyers college.

Off to Glastonbury!

This weekend my gingerbread men and women are at Glastonbury festival! See what they’re getting up to in the pictures below. Where do you think my gingerbread men should go next? Enjoying the festival feeling at the pyramid stage! Taking a look at where I will be glamping tonight.  Taking a look at the infamous Glastonbury Festival facilities!   Enjoying the sunshine by the Glastonbury sign. … Continue reading Off to Glastonbury!